Ossie (ossie) wrote in parentshelp,

a few links

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Let me suggest a couple of places to you guys...
Has tons of information as well as a message board to post questions and seek support.
is actually my own board. It has alot of helpful information and support as well.... (One can never have to much information and support...)
Making a community for teen parents is an excellent idea. I hope that we can support each other and share what we learn along the way...
I am a mother of 2 teenage boys. One is AD/HD and when he was younger was more than a handful!! I am also ADD myself....
im 12, have adhd, short term memory loss, and i have discalculus, but that doesnt stop me! dont feel sorry for your kid/kids, because im technically retarded, too, so i know how they feel! dont try to stop them! dont cuddle them! dont treat them like thetre special! you know deep inside, that you want to cuddle them and protect them from the world, but dont! fuck you! see my livejournal thingy at 11andweird! and leave me a message!