Tatiana (winterwillowweb) wrote in parentshelp,

And NOW what do we do????

So, We've had the child in school less than two weeks. And already... ALREADY she's into illegal acivities. we made our rules very clear. NO drugs. NO alcohol. NO smoking. So somehow, that makes it okay to SELL cigarettes???? What the HELL is the matter with this child? I mean really now.
And what are we supposed to do? I mean, all taking away the phone and computer is going to do is make her angrier and more hurt, making it even harder for us to reach her.
Then she cried because says she learned it from our mother and "that's what you do when you need something. Find what you can and sell it." But there's nothing she really NEEDS. She's been saving up to go back to CA.
I want to strangle her.

I just don't understand. I guess it's becuase when I was that age, I was super analytical. I measured the risk and decided not to do it if it meant... well, honestly, if it meant that attention would be brought to me. I always tried to avoid being noticed.
She... works really hard to have everyone see her.

I guess we're just really different.

But. What do we do with her?

Sigh... Dumb teenagers.
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