Tatiana (winterwillowweb) wrote in parentshelp,

Sudenly a parent (of a -ewe- teenager)

So... Hi. I am a 24 year-old lesbian, who just became the parent of a 13 year old.
My Girlfriend, Melody(22) luckily loves the idea and was more than happy to jump at the concept when my mother called and asked if she could ship me my sister.
Did I mention -13-?
So here we sit, two days later... I have no job and Mell makes $600 a month, I just cashed in all $450 of my trust fund to buy the child's plane ticket.
I've never felt so lost in my life...
But we found a school for her today... if they'll let her in... And if they won't... I don't know...
At this point, I'm perfectly willing to admit that I have no clue what I am doing or how to do it.
To the young coupule who wrote the previous entry, May we Both have all things fall into place for us as we do better for our families than our parents.
Good luck. (And thank GOD for wonderful spouses.)
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