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Please help us!!!

on 01/10/2006 at 7:39 PM a wonderful thing happened... ... ... Michael Rinesmith was born... my godson.

he was 20 inchis and 6lbs 15oz
and he has breathing problems... he has his mom's ears, and his fathers nose and he mom's lips.

he was moved from the neo-natal care unit at foote hospitable to the university of Michigan neo- care unit this morning at about 3:30 AM his parents (and I) are worried out of our minds... if i sould ask everyone to pray for him then ask 2 friends to pary for him, and have each of them to pray for him hopefuly our thoughts reach him and give him strength to get better... neither the parents or i have been able to hold him yet... ... ...\


P.S. I do not beleave in god and i'm not asking you to either... I know that when alot of ppl think about a baby lyin there on the brink of death, that things happen... and if we all send our strength to him... maybe he'll get better
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