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Hi I'm new, my names Kate and I might me a little unusual being only 18. Luckily I'm not a mother of a teenager though! I'm here because I have incresing resposibility of my 13yo brother as our mother is termially ill. And quite frankly I barely know where to start with being anything like a mother figure to him.

At the momment our mothers well enough to be his mum, but she's increasingly losing mobility and the doctor'd don't give her long, so within the next few months to an extent I'll be becoming far more of that kind of figure to him.

It's hard trying to start that kind of thing now, organising him in the morning and trying to make him do his homework. Telling him off when I REALLY don't think he respevts me enough for me to be able to do that.

I suppose what I'm trying to say is how do I gain that sort of respect and what can I do to make our mum's passing any easyier for him? Any ideas? Thanks
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