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the endless pain of the loss of a daughter

it has been years since that night, but there is still a void in my heart... I can not fill it no matter what i do. (and I've tryed) it's been this way for just under 6 years ever since my daughter Elhaym pased away. I know that no other chile could ever replace my elly, but even if it would, I think I'd be too afraid I'd screw it up again I dont think I could do it again... I dont want anyone else to die because of me. everyone tells me i can not blame myself but i can not help the feeling that i failed both my wife (now ex) and daughter. if i had only acted sooner she would still be here and almost 6. she would be in school and I would be helping her with her homework. :(
I failed elly, my ex-, and myself. elly died because of me...

and i deserve to die for that.

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