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Quick update before I head back out...

Had thee scarriest judge ever!! He had me in tears within 30 seconds of sitting down! He kept blaming it on my son "See what you're doing to your poor mother!?! I don't ever want you to put her through this again!!"
Dude, seriously YOU'RE the reason I'm crying. My son pisses me off, but damn you're scarrey!!

Anyway, the sentence? 45 hours of community service, a $35 fine and no driving privileges for 6 months.
That's it.
NO drug and alcohol classes. What's up with that?
I really think he went way easy on Brandon. I think his tactic was to scare the shit out of Brandon and hope that ,that alone would keep him from ever having to come back to court again. I know it worked for me! Next time Brian's going!

After court we headed straight over to the college to sign up for classes. Brandon is taking the assessment test right now.I have to pick him up in 20 minutes.

I'm so wiped out emotionally right now.I'm not sure if I'm relieved or not. I mean at least we're done with the court thing but I'm not sure Brandons punishment was quite enough. Only time will tell I guess.
Brandon seems to think it was. He's already telling me everything I want to hear.Blah blah, no more drinking, bla blah blah, going to college, blah blah, need better friends.

I 'll believe it when I see it.
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